You can buy a domain name—any old domain name, but is it one of the best domain names, or is it a total flop? Something like this—just one pivotal detail can really make or break your website. Here are some tips on creating the best domain names, so you can get your website off on the right foot. The bottom line is your domain name is a huge part of your business’s real estate. It has to be branded and done the right away because it represents everything you’re looking to do with your business.

Choosing a Domain Name

These tips will help you when choosing a domain name to get it done right.
1. Short & Sweet-

You’re about to buy a website domain name…and you think it sounds great, but does it really?
First—is it short and sweet? You don’t want something that’s difficult to memorize or pronounce. That’s just shooting your business right in the metaphorical foot. Pick a name and then ask friends and family to tell you what they really think! If it’s short and sweet, it will most likely be easy to remember, which is key.

2. Can You Have It?—

Before you fall in love with it, make sure it’s available. Some names may not be or may be so costly, it won’t be worth it. In that case don’t just prepare one domain name, pick three….

3. Choose an Accredited Registrar—

Make sure you pick an accredited registrar to register your domain name. The top two are Google and GoDaddy—and GoDaddy is cheaper and much easier to sign up with as well.
A note—a lot of people bundle the website domain name in with a hosting fee and subscription. This can be an issue if you want to transfer your domain. Just a heads up now!

4. Can People Spell it Correctly?—

Ask people to say it—and spell your domain name. Is it spelled like it sounds? If it is not, we recommend changing it. Your business domain name should be easy to say, spell and remember.

5. Don’t Drop the Dough—

Don’t spend a ton of money on your domain name, unless you’re a huge business with lots to spend. Small businesses starting out—don’t do it! You can pay anywhere from $8-30 bucks on a domain name…a much better idea for a new business or small company.

6. Make Sure You Have Domain Privacy Protection—

Pay a privacy protection fee with the registrar this way your private information remains private, and not public. Do you really want to reveal your telephone number, address and email when you buy a website domain? Nope, you don’t!

7. Trademark Conflicts?—

Research that ahead of time, or else—yikes!

8. Got a Domain? Get it Up!—

Even if your website isn’t quite ready to roll, at least get a few pages up of the site instantly. Don’t wait too long. After a while, you will get the site looking perfect but to start, just get something up there.

Ready to get started? We hope these tips help you feel more secure when choosing your domain name. Good luck!

Buy a Domain Name—And Make it The Right One

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